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Tips: Cara Menghidari Sifat Sombong

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Syekh Abdus Shamad Al-Falimbani in his book Hidayatus Salikin giving tips to avoid the attitude and the nature likes to boast with the message: "you should think that you were contemptible than all God's creatures, and let you look at someone is more noble than yourself , therefore:

  • If you see a child then say in your heart that the children were never sinner to God, while I like the sinner. So no doubt that the child is more noble than I am.
  • If you see someone older than you, say in your heart that the person has to worship God first than me, so there is no doubt that he is more noble than I am.
  • If you see smart people, then say in your heart that they have been given knowledge by God that never gave them to me, so no doubt if they were more noble than me.
  • If you see a fool, say in your heart that he sinner to God because of ignorance, while I'm sinner with my knowladge, it is no doubt that he is more noble than me.

From the above it can be concluded that it is not good at all for people who apply arrogant, and God hates him and even threatened to put him in hell. Naudzubillahi min dzalik.

Then so that we avoid arrogant disease, should always be positive tinking, always see others better than us so that will arise tawadlu attitude, always humble ourselves before others, especially in the presence of Allah.

Therefore, let us beg to Allah, may we be given the willingness, ability and strength to always try to train yourself to be tawadlu, and may Allah keep the attitude and arrogant nature to us. Amin ya Rabbal alamin.

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